Warranty Terms & Conditions:
1. Warranty Time Period varies among models validated from the purchasing date
2. Warranty Coverage: the manufacturer's fault such as glue to be unstuck, neck to be bent, frets to produce cracked sounds.
3. Warranty does not cover the following cases:
    - Seals removed, warranty certificate erased or repaired not by Valote Warranty Center
    - Any defect that occurs due to misuse
    - Damage caused by intentional or unintentional acts such as fall, broken, moisture, insects, natural disasters, fire…
    - The Guarantee does not apply to any other accessory equipment, such as the case, source, batteries, the strap, wire terminals Pitch Bend, Modulation, string...
  1.  The guitar and electric guitar should be tuned on E-A-d-g-b-e’, and the tuning should be little by little until grasped the standard pitch. Ahead of the standard pitch is prohibited as it may cause string broken
   2.  Strings of Guitar should be replaced one by one. Don’t wire out all the strings. When the strings are stretched, don’t cut the strings resulted in suddenly changing in the force of the guitar surface. Carefully change the strings so as not to scratch the guitar surface.
  3.  For electric guitar, while the volume bottom of the speaker is put on the Max, please don’t make the input jack in/out, so as to avoid the speaker dam-aged.
  4. Too high temperatures are not good for the guitar. At the temperature of about 50°C, the glue starts to melt, so the guitar shouldn’t be kept near fires, stoves and put outdoor.
  5.  Regularly clean the guitar and its strings.
  6.  Make sure your musical instruments are placed in an area having safe humidity (from 50 to 70%). Excessively high or low humidity badly affects the products.
  7. If you don’t use the guitar, it is advl-sable to relax the strings to keep them in a good condition