How to Choose the Best Acoustic Guitar Strings

Choosing the right type of strings for your acoustic guitar can almost make or break the sound and playability of your guitar. It's important that you select the right type of string, but with so many options, it can be hard to know what type of strings to get for your guitar.

Types of Acoustic Guitars

The more culturally diverse or globally accepted an instrument is, the more variations you will find for it. The same goes for a guitar. With the similarity of the structure ending with the hollow box and the fretboard, here are the types of acoustic guitars found world-wide.

Choosing The Best Pickup For Your Guitar

Aside from the guitar itself or the amp, the pickups are the most important factor in good guitar tone. Different pickups will impart a different tone, but the tonal properties of the wood and strings must be considered before selecting your pickups. Check some reviews and the pickup manufacturer's web site for suggestions on the woods that work best with the pickups you're considering


The key components affecting tone and playability come from string gauge, string winding method and the string construction 

Beginner's Electronic Guitar Tuners

You've finally bought the electric guitar you've always wanted and haven't put it down since bringing it home. But as you begin to learn the basic chords, you may notice that the guitar slowly starts to sound different, and eventually produces a tone that sounds completely off. It's time to tune your guitar, and an electronic tuner is the best option for getting the perfect sound out of your beginner's electric guitar. 

Classical Guitar Part Names

These are the names of each part of the classical guitar. Most of these terms are very easy to memorize. For instance, the head of the guitar is at the top, the body is at the bottom, and the neck is in the middle, just like on a human body.